Check out the reports and other associated information from our events this year.  Please note that the full Newsletters are available only to our members.

** Click here for an archive of reports from previous years.


September       Club BBQ was a real success with eighteen participants, including

                         some friends from the UK!

June                 J. Heath's Birthday at Flagstaff was a great time, with loads of cars to

                         view. See report here.

May                  Spring Into Summer event only had a few participants, but we had fun!

April                  Back in in beginning of February UK member Keith Ballard went to the

                         Paris Retromoblie Show and saw these Minis.
Feb & March    Everyone enjoyed the drive and food at our annual Pancakes in the                                 Park event where we raised over $200!  The Treasure Hunt fun drive

                         was a real success.  And the Britsh Wheels at the Highland Games

                         weekend turned out great too!

                         Full report of all three events is here.


December        The Christmas Lights Tour collected a great donation of food for the

                         food bank.  Our Christmas Party was a real success!

October            The Mesa Marketplace Charity Car Show had a reduced attendance 

                         but a significant donation to charity was still achieved.  Report is here.

September       The British Vintage Voyage report is at this link.

May                  The report from the Spring into Summer Rally is here.  This also

                         includes an event held in Chelsea, London, UK.

March               The 2022 Classic Mini Repair Day, and the Highland Games were this

                         month.  Here's the report and photos.  Additionally, the Triumph Club,

                         DCTRA, Breakfast Drive on Sunday, March 20th was attended by

                         some of our members.

February           Pancakes in the Park was a great success. We raised over $200 - a

                         great beginning towards our 2022 fund-raising events.

January            The Landmark Rally (held on 23rd) report and photos are here.